Wear High Contrast Fashion

Black and white is the classic pairing and very easy to find. If you are just venturing into this trend, try this first. Pair a black and white patterned top with solid colored bottoms. Any pattern will do! Try florals, stripes, polka dots, checks or skulls for an edge. As long as the pants or skirt are in a bright shade, you will be fine. No soft pinks or beige. This trend calls for boldness. To finish the look, your shoes can either be black, white or the same hue as the bottoms you chose. For a subtler outfit, wear denim and neutral flats or heels. Add the third pop of color with a bright handbag or clutch. Another idea is to wear a black and white striped skirt, emerald green heels and a white top. Accessorize with emerald earrings or a green purse. High-contrast is attention getting, so a statement necklace is absolutely appropriate.

Weddings are also appropriate for this trend. Belt or sash your wedding dress with a jewel tone like amethyst or ruby, matching the bridesmaids’ dresses in the same shade to keep things consistent. If you are a guest, remember that no one but the bride is allowed to wear white to the wedding, and black is not an appropriate color. So what do you wear? Stay within the color scheme of the wedding, and find a second color to bounce off of. Though white is not allowed, try the lightest shade of the same jewel toned hue. For example, a teal skirt worn with a pale blue lace top would look beautiful. If you add a third shade, make sure it is palette appropriate.

Jewel tones paired with white work on the same theory as black and white. A bright yellow skirt paired with a maroon and white striped button down top, maroon heels, and a brown leather handbag is a great look for the office. If yellow is too much, try a deep navy blue. Even though it is on the same brightness level as the maroon, it will still contrast with the white.