Wear A Cloche Hat

This cap flatters all women because of its classic style. For casual outfits, try a red plaid skirt, blue blouse and bright cardigan. Add black tights, chunky heels and finish with a red cloche. The color in the hat and skirt tie the whole ensemble together. Another idea is to wear a grey bonnet with a romantic white top over a floral print skirt. For a retro look, try a pair of printed red shorts tied with a black belt. Tuck a white button down into the shorts and roll your sleeves up to show off the stack of bangles on your wrist. Red heels and a matching hat finish this casual yet chic look.

Cooler weather calls for a different approach. Try thick maroon tights and leather boots under a crocheted dress. Layer a cardigan and a grey coat over your dress. Wrap your neck in a scarf and add a hat. It is a very chic and very romantic look. For a twist on this same style, instead of the lace dress, wear a long sleeved button down under a maroon and brown plaid dress and top with a cloche. Switch the tights for thigh high socks and shorter lace up boots to add a little bit of sexy style to the same outfit.

Vintage style comes back with this cap. Tuck a short sleeved button down into high waisted shorts for a nod to the classic looks of the 1940’s. Go back to the 1980’s with drop crotch pants, heeled boots, and a wrap around top. An a-line skirt, wedges and turtle neck top also looks good with this particular bonnet. Any vintage outfit can look beautiful with this accessory. From the classic lines of the 20’s to the mod looks from the 60’s, you can wear anything underneath this timeless piece.