Perfect Little Black Dress

This being the holiday season there’s a particular interest in and attention to dressing. Whether you’re a social butterfly with a full calendar of events to attend or you have limited your activity to some small intimate gatherings, what you wear will be important to you. The little black dress, also known as LBD, is a perennial wardrobe staple, the epitome of elegance, the term finding its origin in 1920s [its history stemming from the incomparable Coco C. [1926] and her iconic looks.]

While it debuted in a very simple, classic, slim silhouette, today’s offerings run a gamut as wide-ranging as our fashion tastes dictate.

To my way of thinking you first assess your particular body type [like the Johnny Mercer song, ‘accentuate the positive / eliminate the negative’] then you’ll have an idea of what looks good on you. Aim to show your best features and play down the others. This includes looking at different necklines, hemlines, sleeve lengths [or sleeveless], bodices and silhouettes.

High on my list I consider the fit and feel, not just the correct size but the style [does it ‘fit’ me, my personality, do you match?] Ask, will I be comfortable in this look? Can I ‘pull it off’? After all you want to shine – your dress should showcase you and not compete for attention. “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” [Coco C.]

Then I’d want to consider how versatile does this dress have to be: Will it need to perform at multiple functions [day into evening, cocktails to formal sit-downs, does it travel well, etc.] in which case the fabric choice becomes essential as well as its potential for accessorizing. The little black dress is such a timely expression of your individual style. We are very fortunate today with the range of what’s available for our choosing, that we can find such an abundant array in terms of cost from the frugal all the way to the extravagant, we really should not have a difficult time in our search. Do you gravitate toward the vintage looks or are you more sculptured or modern? Are you a trend- setter or more classic in your taste? Frou frou or formal?