Current Graphic Style Trend

Graphic prints work best as timeless pieces when they are variations of black and white only and when the proportion of black to white is at least two-thirds black to one-third white.

Beyoncé has been photographed wearing a Graphic print well. In her black and white outfit the solid white section is above her waist and on one side of her body only. It is also slimming as it the white section is slightly off-centre and does not divide her upper body in half. Everything else in the outfit is black so you concentrate on looking at the slim white section. Necklaces do not often work with Graphic styles. Beyoncé has wisely worn two striking black and white bracelets which co-ordinate but do not dominate her Graphic design.

Jayson Brunsdon has designed a graphic-style black and white dress that works well because the white sections are narrow. They go across the top of the dress and then curve stops at her hips along the princess line. This slims your midriff and waist. It is a touch unusual. I would accessorise this also with a striking graphic bracelet. You can wear a graphic style matching black and white handbag or graphic print shoes.

It is the subtlety of the design that can make some graphic styles into timeless pieces. When the trend has disappeared, because of their striking nature I would keep these items for occasional wear.

Graphic styles in handbags, shoes and jewellery are timeless as they can add individuality to an all-black or any strong coloured outfit. They are perfect for women who like to add a touch of the dramatic to the clothes they wear.

Graphic prints are trends when they include three colours or when the proportion of black to white is half and half.

The Myer quote above was referring to a Jane Lamerton dress which included the colours of black, white and green and the graphic design divided the front into a contrast colour half and half design. The design was striking. Such graphic styles are meant for effect: so you can easily get bored with them after a few wears. They are designed for Extroverts and those who like High Contrast Dressing. This dress is a great cost per item only if you buy it early in the trend and wear it quite a number of times for effect.

Remember that we are all seen from the back as well as the front. This is where graphics often continue the style. Check whether the style is too much or unflattering to you.

Trends have a limited lifetime. Graphic styles are a more flexible trend than others as they can be interpreted many ways. If the black component of the graphic style covers more than two-thirds of the outfit, then it has the potential to be timeless. If the black component is half or less of the colour on the front of the outfit, treat it as a limited-life trend.

Know your budget and know how long you keep clothes before replacing them. Also consider how often you will wear this item. If you wear it a lot when on Trend, it is good value. If you want to keep clothes for longer, choose a simple or interesting variation that can be accessorised in a few different ways.

Graphic style shoes, handbags, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are timeless and dress up lots of modern and basic classic style clothes.