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Build A Designer Wardrobe On a Budget

Clearance Sales

The best time of the year to shop for designer wear is when shops and stores clear out their stocks. Every specialty store and high-end boutique organizes a clearance sale. Most of the clearance sales are organized during the holiday season or during festivals. If you have a favorite store, you should enquire about its clearance sale schedule. You can also shop out of season.

Auction Sites and Consignments Shops

Auction sites are a popular shopping trend that developed side-by-side with the internet. To explain in simple words, it is an online version of backyard sales and regular auction sales. Auction sites are a great place to shop for discounted designer clothing. The listings include brand new items and used items. Many customers discard garments after using them once or twice. They either send it to consignment shops or put it up for sale at auction sites. If you don’t mind buying second-hand clothes, this is one method to buy couture clothes at bargain prices.

When you shop online, you should transact with secure sites. Also, you should inspect the condition to secondhand clothes before you buy them. You should also beware of fake goods. Many owners and retailers tend to pass off fake branded goods at auction sites and consignment shops.

Shop at High-end Designer Outlets

Not many are aware of this trick of getting quality, designer-made clothing at deep price cuts. This is similar to purchasing directly from a factory. These retail outlets are located in industrial zones or out of town. These department stores sell the same merchandize displayed at malls and retail outlets in your vicinity. In addition to this, they also stock last season collections and rejects. Visiting these outlets means travelling a few extra miles, but it is worth the money and time spent given the large discounts you are likely to receive. You can start by preparing a list of designer outlets in and around your town or city and visit the one closest to your vicinity.

Customize Your Own Suit

A reputable tailor is what you need

The best materials and designs fall flat when stitched in a shabby manner. Hence, your first task is to hunt for a reputable tailor that specializes in men’s clothing. You can get a good tailor at a high-end department store. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can look up the internet for men’s tailors within your district. If you take the online route, you should conduct a minor background check which includes their method of function, cost structures and customer reviews.

Select appropriate fabrics

The fabric you choose determines the look and feel of your custom-made suit as well as it durability. We suggest you choose a fabric with a grade of 110s or higher. This is the measure of the quality of the fabric; thus higher the grade, better the quality. Invest in a good quality yet affordable fabric for your suit. Purchase other suit components and accents as well.

Pick a Style

One can easily spot differences in a woman’s suit, but it is not the same with men’s suits. Men’s suit designs look similar. However, there are subtle differences such as a double breasted or single breasted suit. There are variations based on buttons too such as a two-button or three buttons. You may also want to choose a design that embodies the latest styles and trends. The design you choose should complement your body type and shape. It is best to show your tailor the design before you buy the fabric in case he needs a specific material to create the suit you want.

Measure for fitting

The right measurements are a major prerequisite when it comes to custom-made suits. A tailor is trained to take measurements. Nevertheless, you should clarify doubts if any. You should also mention special desire such as how you want your pant to fall over the shoes or pocket flaps or the state of the fabric at the shoulders.

A final trial before you head home

After your suit is ready, try it one final time. The tailor will inspect it for alterations. Mention the modifications you desire. Finally, pay the bill and head home with your tailor-made suit.

Wear Accessories That Always Look Modern and Stylish

Rule 1- Always Wear Three Pieces When It Counts

When it is important to you to look and feel great, three is the magic number. Wedding, engagement and eternity rings and plain watches do not count. Black shoes and handbags are neutral and do not get included in the formula. All these are background basics.

Rule 2 – Think of Your Accessories as a Family

Imagine your three accessories are a mother, daughter and son or a step-mother, daughter and son. This will remind you to keep the colours or the designs related to each other. The mother or the step-mother relates to the largest or most colourful accessory you are wearing. The son and the daughter are the two smaller pieces. They may be the same size or one larger than the other.

Variation 1 – Mother, Daughter and Son

The mother piece is the stand-out or largest accessory. This can be a necklace, belt, brightly coloured or patterned shoes, scarf, large earrings or a beautiful brooch. The two other pieces you add are the children. Think of the daughter as matching the colour, design and pattern of the mother but smaller. Think of the son as different and smaller but still related to the family.

I will explain it using one of my family sets. I have a matching necklace and earrings in black, white and pale fuchsia pink which represents the mother and the daughter because they are the same colours and style and therefore related to each other. When I wear these together, I add my fuchsia ring which is a completely different style. This represents the son because it is in the same pink family but a deeper colour. It goes with them but does not match them exactly.

A coloured or patterned handbag only counts if you wear it the whole time and you want it to be a mother focus. So, I can pair my fuchsia handbag with a fuchsia ring. Being the same colour makes them a mother and daughter. To this I can add either my olive and purple necklace or my black, white and pale fuchsia pink necklace above. In this variation the son is a larger piece than the daughter ie the ring, but still includes one of the family colours.

You can do this with prints by wearing an animal print belt to represent the mother, a narrow animal print bracelet to represent the daughter and a black bracelet or small to medium gold earrings to represent the son. Two sons are acceptable if they follow the family colour theme.

Variation 2 – Step-Mother, Daughter and Son

In this variation, the two smaller pieces that represent the son and daughter are in the same colour or style family and the step-mother is completely different and a contrast to them. An example of this might be wearing black and white bangles with black and white earrings and a medium to wide red belt or red shoes. If you know which colours complement each other, you can wear two smaller items in one colour and the stand out piece in a complimentary colour. An example of this would be when I wear my olive earrings with my olive Peridot ring and a standout purple necklace or scarf.

If you knows the colours that make you look fabulous, it pays to buy accessories in variations of those colour so that you can wear different family combinations.