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Winter Formal Dressing

First, keep in mind that it will be a bit chilly during the evening. Even those who live in warmer climates experience a bit of a chill during the winter months, especially after sundown. A blazer, pashmina wrap, faux fur coat, or soft sequined scarf will cover you up without cramping your style. Closed toe shoes are the best choice to keep your feet from freezing. If you are wearing a floor length gown, consider thick tights or leggings in a flesh tone. For additional warmth, you can wear a pair of satin gloves.

Dresses of any length and color are acceptable for this dance. Because it is winter, colors of the season do seem to lean towards the jewel tones. However, metallics and icy iridescent white dresses are also appropriate for the occasion. Try a silk or satin royal blue knee length wrap dress with sparkling gold heels and a leopard print pashmina scarf. Carry a glittering gold clutch purse and accessorize with big statement necklaces. Because the dress is not sparkling, you must add sparkle elsewhere. For a vintage look, a pretty floral fascinator or clip is a perfect addition. A gold floor length off the shoulder Grecian gown is another beautiful choice. High gold heels, a gold headband and a black satin waist belt are a perfect combination. Contrast the brightness of the gold with a black crystal clutch and onyx earrings. An empire waist emerald green chiffon dress can be dressed up with a dynamic statement necklace and rhinestone studded purse. Short pastel skirts with crystallized bodices are also lovely, and easy to recreate with corsets and separate ball gown skirts. If you do go this route, remember to carry a shawl or scarf with you to stay warm. A gold corset and jewel toned bottom in a full and flowy fabric looks especially beautiful. Offset your bare shoulders with elbow length satin gloves and a bright cocktail ring.

Army Shirts

You will be the one to decide your style statement. If you are comfortable wearing these shirts, then go ahead. The army clothes are back in fashion these days. They look stunning on men with a nice stature. Versatile looks are being redefined through these clothes. Wide variations of designs and styles in military clothing and army t-shirts are available. It is better for you to decide actually what type of military clothing you are looking for and where or when you are going to wear them. When you will be having answers of these questions you can easily create your own style line along with army shirts, t-shirts and other related apparel.

Some brands and fashion designers have made a revolution with these military clothes. They have experimented with colors. These clothes have an elite look and define a class. Shirts and t-shirts are the most common choice for casual wear. Army versions of these items will add extra color and diversity in the wardrobe. Army surplus items are the surplus goods that have been disposed of by the army management. All these items are put together in a store. Here surplus items are sold out at rock bottom prices. Surprisingly army surplus clothes are in great demand.

The main reason behind the popularity of military style clothing is the versatility it provides to your wardrobe. Starting from the thermal undergarments to the waterproof garments everything are really unique. These garments are also not available in the normal stores. The comfort and the protection provided by these clothes cannot be compared with other available regular apparel. These clothes are the best choices to withstand the elements and provide comfort in harsh conditions. These are the probable reasons behind the popularity of surplus stores. Hooded items are quite popular among the youngsters. The surplus clothing line is equally appreciated by people from all age groups.

Army and navy store are the places to seek out the collections of these clothes. As you check out the contents of this store you will find that apart from the regular traditional stuff you will also come across exceptional dresses as well. Military bags are also available at the store. Large rucksacks provide a lot of functionality. It can be the right travel companion. The range of clothing items are increasing in a consistent way. Define your style with military grade clothing and accessories and stand out from the crowd.

Outfit Colors And Ideas

Red is a fantastic color that is perfect for celebrations. Layer a red tartan patterned skirt over a red tank top, black tights and black heels. Wrap a soft cardigan in the same shade as the tank top and drape a gold chain statement necklace around your neck. Complete your look with a gold crystal clutch and pearl earrings. This same look can also be replicated with other hues of the season like emerald green, blue or white, as long as the tartan pattern has your chosen shade of focus in it. For the office, try a red, blue or green tartan blazer over a silk shirt, black dress pants and a leather handbag. For parties, try a red wrap dress with gold heels and either a clutch in gold or ruby. Make sure to stay warm with a cardigan or scarf. If red is too bright for you, try green or blue. Beautiful jewel tone sweaters over neutral grey, brown, beige or cream woolen skirts look especially lovely. Emerald peplum skirts can be worn with a red cardigan and red tartan shoes for an especially festive look. If you want to go the Snow Queen route, a cream colored sweater and hat worn over ice blue skinny jeans and faux fur boots is pretty. Add sparkle with a glittering silver clutch or cocktail ring.

Ugly Sweater parties are popular during the holiday season. And more than likely, these sweaters aren’t really “ugly,” but rather just wildly patterned with bright colors. However, just because your sweater is ugly doesn’t mean your outfit has to be! Just make sure your sweater fits you well. Wear it over a white collared button down shirt and pair with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. You can choose to distract from the pattern of your sweater with a statement necklace. They key is to balance the bright knit with solids and neutrals.

Magnetic Badges

Over the years, businesses have come up with various marketing strategies to manipulate their target market into trying their products and services. Some of the most common forms advertising techniques are: media advertising (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines), giving away of pamphlets and flyers, product samples, and the use of promotional products (umbrellas, fans, towels, lanyards).

The use of badges to promote any product or services is a very cost-effective advertisement. They are not very expensive to produce; there are several credible suppliers in the market who can offer tons of cost-effective packages for any type of magnetic badges. Below are some types of badges which can be used for promotional purposes:

· name badges- This can be worn by company employees during work or during a corporate event (exhibits, galas, conference, promotional party). This type of badge can be attached to the outermost clothing of a person as a proof of identity or affiliation in the company. A name badge is also useful during corporate events (exhibits, fairs, concerts, galas); this can be custom-made with a printed name to make identification easy and faster.

· Printed badges with company logo, seal, or banner- This can be used as a promotional give-away or gift during product launches, exhibits, fairs, galas, and other corporate events. A company can use this product to make people aware about the existence of their business’ product or service.

· Fridge badges- A very practical way to promote one’s product is by giving away a fridge badge. A fridge badge is something people would intend to keep inside their houses; this item is very useful in holding important notes and bills.

The use of badges is a very economical way to promote any product or service. Today, there are numerous suppliers who are welcome to produce high quality and tailor made magnetic badges. Badges can be made from various superior quality raw materials to ensure its durability and credibility. Below are some of the most common materials used for magnetic badges:

· Plastics
· Cardboards
· Lightweight metals
· Aluminum
· PVC’s
· Leather
· Textiles
· Rubber

Most badges are made out of lightweight materials to ensure convenience and comfort to the user or wearer. Custom made badges can directly create a positive impression to a company’s reliability. The use of these promotional products will make any product or service recognized easily.

Perfect Little Black Dress

This being the holiday season there’s a particular interest in and attention to dressing. Whether you’re a social butterfly with a full calendar of events to attend or you have limited your activity to some small intimate gatherings, what you wear will be important to you. The little black dress, also known as LBD, is a perennial wardrobe staple, the epitome of elegance, the term finding its origin in 1920s [its history stemming from the incomparable Coco C. [1926] and her iconic looks.]

While it debuted in a very simple, classic, slim silhouette, today’s offerings run a gamut as wide-ranging as our fashion tastes dictate.

To my way of thinking you first assess your particular body type [like the Johnny Mercer song, ‘accentuate the positive / eliminate the negative’] then you’ll have an idea of what looks good on you. Aim to show your best features and play down the others. This includes looking at different necklines, hemlines, sleeve lengths [or sleeveless], bodices and silhouettes.

High on my list I consider the fit and feel, not just the correct size but the style [does it ‘fit’ me, my personality, do you match?] Ask, will I be comfortable in this look? Can I ‘pull it off’? After all you want to shine – your dress should showcase you and not compete for attention. “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” [Coco C.]

Then I’d want to consider how versatile does this dress have to be: Will it need to perform at multiple functions [day into evening, cocktails to formal sit-downs, does it travel well, etc.] in which case the fabric choice becomes essential as well as its potential for accessorizing. The little black dress is such a timely expression of your individual style. We are very fortunate today with the range of what’s available for our choosing, that we can find such an abundant array in terms of cost from the frugal all the way to the extravagant, we really should not have a difficult time in our search. Do you gravitate toward the vintage looks or are you more sculptured or modern? Are you a trend- setter or more classic in your taste? Frou frou or formal?