Wearing Skirts In Winters

The first thing to consider is the fabric. Heavier fabrics like wool, tweed, leather, denim, corduroy and velvet will keep out the chill. Avoid cotton, lightweight polyester, satin and silk. It is a good idea to layer thick tights or leggings during the winter to avoid freezing.

Secondly, consider the color and pattern of the garment you choose. Solid dark colors are best as well as statement making patterns in deep rich tones. Avoid florals and light colors as they are out of season.

Third, make sure the top you choose is extra warm to offset the cold. Cardigans can be worn underneath a long fitted coat. A hat and scarf will also help you keep the warmth close to your body.

Maxis are the most hassle free. Keep the length between mid-calf and right above your ankle. Any longer and the bottom hem could get wet or dirty … Read the rest

Wear High Contrast Fashion

Black and white is the classic pairing and very easy to find. If you are just venturing into this trend, try this first. Pair a black and white patterned top with solid colored bottoms. Any pattern will do! Try florals, stripes, polka dots, checks or skulls for an edge. As long as the pants or skirt are in a bright shade, you will be fine. No soft pinks or beige. This trend calls for boldness. To finish the look, your shoes can either be black, white or the same hue as the bottoms you chose. For a subtler outfit, wear denim and neutral flats or heels. Add the third pop of color with a bright handbag or clutch. Another idea is to wear a black and white striped skirt, emerald green heels and a white top. Accessorize with emerald earrings or a green purse. High-contrast is attention getting, so … Read the rest

Wear A Cloche Hat

This cap flatters all women because of its classic style. For casual outfits, try a red plaid skirt, blue blouse and bright cardigan. Add black tights, chunky heels and finish with a red cloche. The color in the hat and skirt tie the whole ensemble together. Another idea is to wear a grey bonnet with a romantic white top over a floral print skirt. For a retro look, try a pair of printed red shorts tied with a black belt. Tuck a white button down into the shorts and roll your sleeves up to show off the stack of bangles on your wrist. Red heels and a matching hat finish this casual yet chic look.

Cooler weather calls for a different approach. Try thick maroon tights and leather boots under a crocheted dress. Layer a cardigan and a grey coat over your dress. Wrap your neck in a scarf … Read the rest

What you should know about mainstream fashion and Indie alternative online clothes

Clothing and fashion are a direct result of our cultures and traditions. This implies that the way we dress is one of the areas that are influenced by our culture and tradition. However, there is also the chance to copy the way of dressing of other people. Many countries in the world have abandoned their traditional dressing for dressing in other cultures or at the least switch up between the two. Due to early civilization in the west and their successful colonization of several countries across the world, the Western culture has rubbed off on most countries of the world with coats seen as the highest level of official wear even in countries where coats were not a part of their history.


Despite all the changes in fashion across the world, most countries of the world now have a normal way of dressing. This normal way of dressing is … Read the rest

How to Find and Order the Latest Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends has become more like fighting a war. However, fashion gurus know that having the knowledge about what and where to consider while going for patterns helps them in picking battles to win the war of ordering and owning the latest and trendy fashion wears. From checking celebrities’ wears and watching fashion talks and shows, one can quickly get confused about the numerous and eye-catching fashion trends in vogue. Here are a few things to help make the task of finding and ordering the latest fashion trends easier and less stressful:

Reviews about Brands

It has become known over the years that reports offer a lot of benefits not just to the company but to potential clients. Thus, while looking for the latest fashion trends and brands or stores to order them, one has to imbibe the habit of reading reviews written by clients … Read the rest

Kids Clothing – Superhero the All-Time Favorite

Spiderman is one of the dearests and loved comic characters for decades. There are more fan followers of this superhero than his counterparts, like Batman and Superman. Children, as well as adults across the world, are a diehard fan of Spiderman and wish to wear the mask and entire outfit to feel the power and strength of this superhero. Lots of kids clothing manufacturing units create Spiderman costumes and mask, but few have the comfort, quality, and ingenuity. The fiber used in the costume is not up to standard, causing skin irritation and rash, or the style is listless. Kids are not comfortable wearing the suit, instead of having the euphoria, they feel disillusioned and uneasy.

Selecting the right one

To don, the Spiderman costume is not only about chivalry, courage, and valor, but a fashion statement on its own right. Costumes of superheroes have a niche in the fashion … Read the rest

How technology is changing the fashion industry

The global fashion industry is estimated to be worth £1tn, excluding footwear and jewelry. Changes are taking place in the fashion industry at an incredible rate, with declining footfall figures on the high street, fast fashion and a growing concern over climate change all playing a part in fashion’s evolution.

Although research suggests that the fashion industry will continue to grow by six percent a year, according to Statista, the forecast is that e-commerce sales will grow by as much as 12.2 percent annually up to 2023.

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The growth of e-commerce in the fashion industry – analytics

An advantage of the e-commerce fashion industry is that sales made online can be tracked, from managing inventory to the ability to get insight data on customer behavior and use the findings from this data to enhance the customer experience.

According to Forbes, there could be huge changes in the fashion Read the rest

Dress Types That Have Become a Necessity in Summer

It may possibly be tough knowing what to get dressed in when the temperature rises. Actually, being comfy is paramount, but so is looking sophisticated, and sometimes you will want much more than an everyday top. There are countless varied dress styles to suit all ages, different sizes, designs and so it shouldn’t be too hard to purchase the perfect summertime collection of dresses. You could try a couple of these dresses on for size:


For taller girls, a full-length maxi is pretty flattering, most notably whenever worn in a solitary vibrant color. A slim full-length outfit with a solid single color supplies a dramatic look and feel and really is simple to match with fashion designer jewelry. High heels or flat shoes work every bit as well with a maxi dress and shouts out for going all out on your make-up. For a comprehensive range of maxi dresses, … Read the rest

Who Would Have Loved Printed T-Shirts?

Giving out promotional products to raise brand awareness is not new these days, nonetheless it still continues to be best marketing strategy you can use to market your business and boost sales. Investment might be kept very low and simple when you purchase hundreds of plastic pens and distributing them with a trade fair or exhibition – along with your name and logo printed in bright colors obviously! Or elect to focus on leading work associates in your industry or perhaps the most productive salespeople with your team by sending them something unique such as a stylish leather briefcase, or possibly a bottle of champagne.

Types of fashion industries

You come across different types of fashions that are contained in industry and you’ll find the choice or maybe your notion of the right type of expression matching the planet. You will get lots of designs in t-shirt printing and even … Read the rest

Wearing A White Dress

First, choose a shade that compliments your natural skin tone. Cooler skin with blue and pink undertones looks good with bright and crisp white. Skin with yellow, orange or red undertones can wear ecru or eggshell. Warmer skin with dark or light brown shades look beautiful with cream and ivory.

Secondly, make sure your undergarments are as close to your skin color as possible. White has a transparency to it that could prove embarrassing if you wear the wrong color bra and panties. Also, make sure your dress is properly lined for extra coverage. In addition, make sure the fit of your dress is not too clingy. Black is more flattering than white when it comes to a tight fit.

Third, choose proper accessories. Simplicity works best. You never want to overwhelm your outfit, especially in this particular hue. A splash of color with a scarf or statement necklace should … Read the rest